What is a Peshtemal?

Artisanal Towels

Peshtemal is an oversize towel made of natural fibers like cotton and linen, characterized by its fringed edges and stripes and prized for its high absorption, quick drying time, thin profile and tendency to become softer with every wash.

Simple luxuries, many peshtemals are still made by true artisans from cotton, linen and sometimes silk and bamboo in Turkey, whose prime climate is well-known for producing some of the world’s finest textile fibers.

How and Why to Use Peshtemal?

Bath-Beach Towel & Pareo

Peshtemal is a bath towel which you may use post-shower at home, at the gym and SPA; they do not stay damp for long thanks to their lightweight and thin profile.

Roots Artisan Bathrobes are made in the same style and material as the peshtemal which makes them very comfortable, soft and light to carry after shower, looking stylish and chic at the same time.

Peshtemals are great companion of beach vacations; its versatility as a quick drying beach towel, a swimsuit coverup like a chic pareo and a scarf for windy boat rides makes it a true vacation essential.

It is fabulous for the beach and the pool because:

  • it dries very fast
  • it is high-absorbent
  • it occupies so little space in your bag
  • it is light-weight
  • it is sand-free, you may comfortably spread on the sand which hardly sticks on the peshtemal thanks to its fabric texture.
  • it is so stylish and chic with various patterns and colours that one of them would definitely suit your swimsuit.  

Stylish scarf...


Throw & Sofa Blanket

Peshtemal also lends bohemian and rustic charm to any room it graces, it is perfect for casually draping over your sofa and armchair. For those who are raising young kids at home, it is also fabulous to mask or prevent any kind of catastrophic stains your kids did or will do to your precious sofa!


It is very practical for travelling since it is very compact and occupies little space in your suitcase.


With their various patterns and colours, Roots Artisan Peshtemals are so chic and stylish that they also are delightful gift alternatives for your loved ones.

Table Cloth

Cotton peshtemals are also perfect fuss-free table coverings for indoor and outdoor dining because they are easily washable- they don’t take up much room in the machine and actually they get softer with every wash.

Picnic Mat

It is an alternative picnic mat with its luxurious proportions, soft texture and compact structure. Fabulous colour choices should spread some cheer, even if the sun doesn’t shine.

Natural and Healthy

Roots Artisan Peshtemals are produced by 100% natural, fine Turkish fibers as cotton and linen, which makes them healthy for any kind of occasion.

Our eco-friendly products are coloured with OEKO-TEX (®)  certified dyes, not harmful to nature.Thanks to their light-weight and low volume in your washing machine, they consume less water and less detergent.


Beach Towel

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It is a stylish scarf, sometimes to grab on the way out the door or a chic shawl just to drape over your shoulder in a breezy night.

Baby Blanket & Towel

Peshtemal is ideal for baby care to cover up your baby’s body after shower or swimming; either with a regular size peshtemal or with special Roots Artisan hooded ponchos and kids robes, made exactly with the same 100% cotton natural fibers as peshtemal.

It is perfect as a baby blanket thanks to its natural and soft texture, lightweight and thin profile which is very gentle and cuddly for your loved ones.

Cuddly blanket...