Our Story

Inspired by Anatolia...

Roots Artisan is inspired by cultural heritage and traditions of Anatolia where Turkish culture combines a heavily diverse set of elements that have been derived from various cultures of Eastern Mediterranean region and to a lesser degree Southeastern European Caucasian and Central Asian traditions.

This rich inspiration lets us to offer you a very special product “Peshtemal”: It is an oversize towel made of natural fibers and traditionally hand loomed by artisans almost in every region of Anatolia, dating back more than 600 years to the heyday of the hammam, Turkish bath.


Fine Turkish Cotton


More than a basic towel...Peshtemal

There are so many kinds of Peshtemals in Anatolia with different styles and colours each of which can specify which region people are from and it is a part of deep cultural tradition and craftsmanship.

However, today in its contemporary meaning, peshtemal is much more than a basic towel which offers exceptional practicality, versatility, comfort and style for our modern and busy lives.

Our Dream

Roots Artisan dreams to introduce you high-quality natural products, still hand loomed by craftsmen who reinterpret the beautiful ancient designs with a modern soul and a strong passion and commitment.

While offering you a versatile, stylish and natural peshtemals we are also proud to bring the old values of Anatolia into the present, appreciate our master artisans’ commitment and support the craftsmenship in our home town. We do believe in the distinctive touch of the human hand and believe that hand made designs have the power to enrich our lives with beauty and meaning.

True Artisans

True Artisans

Our aim is to present this natural and artisanal product to anyone who appreciates nature, culture, practical usage and quality.

Those who live in Turkey, Greece, France and mainly in Mediterranean countries may have already discovered these stylish towels on their glamorous beaches. Now, we believe, it is time to introduce Southeast Asia with our artisanal peshtemals.

Artisanal Production

Artisanal Production

Which makes Roots Artisan so special for us is that peshtemal’s roots really lie in our hometown Denizli, Buldan. Buldan, where all of our products are manufactured by traditional methods, is a small town which historically has been a very important center of Turkey’s textile industry, a tradition it actively pursues to this day, still largely based on independent craftspersons.

Passion & Commitment

Passion & Commitment